Ana Gallegos    


Original California Beach City Girl... Founder of the sexiest company in the World.


Stella Tong    

On-Site Event Supervisor

I joined Beautiful Bartenders in 2001 shortly after moving to Los Angeles from Vancouver, B.C.
(the most beautiful city in the world!). In the first several years, I represented the company as a bartender, dancer, and hostess but was eventually appointed the position as one of the company's On-Site Event Managers.

Aside from working with Beautiful Bartenders, I am also the Director of Operations of a development team that is building a resort destination in Tahiti, French Polynesia. When I am not working, I like to surf, snowboard, sky-dive, rock-climb, race motorcycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, and am a seasoned on and off-road triathlete (I am currently training for Ironman Canada). I'm the quintessential multi-tasker and adrenaline junkie.


Sarah Tshuup    

On-Site Event Supervisor

Born in Zurich Switzerland, my Family immigrated to the US when I was seven years old, I traveled back and forth a lot and through much of Europe, which allowed me to grow up with both cultures. My passion for acting, singing and the arts brought me to LA about 8 years ago.

I started working for Beautiful Bartenders about 4 years ago and always look forward to the fun and exciting events.

I love Adventure and am always up for extreme sports, I built most of my Harley Sportster 1200 out of my friends shop. In the winter you can catch me on the slopes ripping up the rails and jumps (yes I can do a 180). In the summer I'm mostly on my motorcycle or surfing in Malibu.


James Kelly O’Shea    

On-Site Event Supervisor

I moved to LA about 14 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was looking for my place in the
world after a soccer injury left me unable to continue receiving my scholarship to Virginia Tech. 
I stumbled into modeling with enough success to keep me here long enough to find one of my real
passions, acting.

I have played a good number of roles over the years, from "the friend" to the lead guy who
saves all the friends from the blood sucking monsters... a couple lead roles in projects,
had they been a little more successful, I could have made that last push into the big time.

 I havent given up though and in the meantime found a pretty good life in LA.  I am also a singer/songwriter on the guitar and an artist in mixed media/collage, and preparing to do a
big show in the near future. I pay the bills these days by bartending which comes naturally
to a full blooded Irishman......


Jeremy Lane (OC)    

On-Site Event Supervisor

"A Midwesterner at heart, I moved to Los Angeles in 2001 after several years of living and working abroad in Europe and Asia as an international model. Not long after returning stateside did I happen to meet Ana at an event with her beautiful bartenders, and shortly after that was introducing myself as a beautiful bartender as well."


Erin Lareau    

Inhouse Stylist

Erin Lareau won the 2006 Emmy® for Outstanding Costume Design. Erin has worked with many celebrities, from rock stars such as Slash, John Mayer and Tommy Lee to genius director Christopher Guest, and the glamourous Gwyneth Paltrow. Erin designed High School Musical, The Concert Tour -over 400) Commercials. She designed the legendary Chippendales dancers, and her TV credits include “The Tonight Show” and ”Grounded for Life”.

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